Localities in Karaikudi

The inhabiting place of the historical Nagarathars is known as the Chettinad. Chettinad is famous for rich temples, magnificent architecture, delicious food varieties, and private bungalows. It spreads from Sivaganga to the Pudukottai provinces. Statistically, 96 places are treated as the chief regions of Nagarathars, out of which, Karaikudi is a collection of 76 villages and and towns.

Karaikudi is recognized as the ancestral home of "traditional" Chettiyars. It is well known for its mansions, temples, buildings, architecture, Gopura karai saris and cuisine. The Chettiars are treated as an extremely successful banking community. Their fame and name begins from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Karaikudi has many historic sites. Read on, to know more about these amazing towns and villages.

Athangudi in Karaikudi

This is in Karaikudi  comprises of the Chettiyars ancestral homes. Athangudi is known for its wonderful tiles. The Athangudi tiles are also known as terracotta tiles. Visitors believe that these handmade tiles are exceptionally unique. The local sand used during the making of these terracotta tiles makes it extremely special and classy. The tiles are carefully casted from clay and painted with an utmost level of care. These tiles will decorate your house and lawns extremely beautiful. It is possible to visit the tile factory in Athangudi, where you can identify how these mind blowing tiles are made.

Devakottai in Karaikudi

Karikkudi's second largest town is Devakottai. Devakottai is famous for its Periya Minor's Veedui Chettinad mansion. This is a very famous home that attracts several thousand tourists every year. Its exceptional and exquisite architecture will leave you awestruck. The town has many more mansions and palaces. It is a place for people who are enthusiastic about architecture. Additionally, the village is also famous for its tasty Devakottai chicken.

Pilaiyarpatti in Karaikudi

Localities in Karaikudi

Located at a very short distance of 12 km from the city of Karaikudi is an unknown village called Pilaiyarpatti. History states that the village was originally built by various Kings during the Pandiya reign. The village has a history that dates back to the 4th century A.D. Pilaiyarpatti is known for its temples. A very famous temple in the village has 14 separate stone inscriptions. These inscriptions were carved between 400 AD to 1238 AD. Apart from these carvings, various deity images were sculptured into the temple. Today, Pilaiyarpatti is famous for its daily poojas and events.

Kadiapatti in Karaikudi

This is another place in Karaikudi with ancestral values. The village is famous for its calm and quiet nature. It has a grand collection of indispensable temples and architectural sites. Important temples in Kadiapatti would be Boomeeswar Kovil, Uthu vinayagar kovil, Chitti Vinayagar kovil, Kootappuli Pillayar Kovil and Subbiah kovil. Additionally, the place has rare houses which are seen with impeccable architecture.

Kanadukathan in Karaikudi

Areas in KaraikudiAnother place with architectural values would be Kanadukathan. Few interesting places of interest in Kanadukathan would be Nagara Pillayar kovil, Nemathanpatti common temple, Chettinad Annamalai chettiyars family temple, Arulmenu sokkalingeswarar temple and Sundhara moorthy pillayar temple.

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